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Modifiers are incredibly useful entities within the Particle Flocker system. They allow you to create volumes within 3D space that will modify how particles behave when they are within their volume range.

A modifier can specify several Particle Flocker Attributes which it will modify as particles pass through it. For example you can add a modifier which will make particles travel faster or have a greater separation distance while they are within its volume.

Static Attributes

Modifiers have a set of fixed attributes which will always exist on all modifiers. These attributes control the modifier’s volume and its modification influence and method. These are known as static attributes. You can read more about them in the Static Modifier Attributes section.

Dynamic Attributes

Modifiers can be assigned several dynamic attributes that are used to control which Particle Flocker Attributes they will modify. You can read about dynamic attributes and how to use them in the Dynamic Modifier Attributes section.


All modifiers need to have a volume set up in order for them to work. You can find out mode about this in the Modifier Volume section.


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