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Target Types

All targets can be one of the following types:

The type of a target is shown in the Particle Flocker Window after the target’s name:

Position Targets

Position targets are represented by a single point in space and are ideal for implementing steering behaviours such as Seek or Flee which require a specific position.

Particle Flocker uses a locator node to specify the location of a position target. One of the great things about this is that the transform of a locator can be animated, using standard Maya animation techniques. This in turn allows you to create incredibly interesting and complex flock behaviours simply by introducing this moving target approach.

To create a position target you simply need to press the Add New Target button in the Particle Flocker Window.

Curve Targets

Curve targets are represented by a path and are the ideal method for implementing Path Following steering behaviour.

Particle Flocker uses a NURBS curve to specify this path. This can be achieved by using any of the curve creation tools in Maya. You can view Maya’s documentation on curve creation here:


Once you have created a curve you can convert it to a target simply by selecting the curve and pressing the Convert Selection to Target button.

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