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Curve Target Volume

Curve targets make use of a specialised curve volume type. By enabling the volume on a curve target the curve volume becomes active.

Curve target volumes function in the same way as standard target volumes, by only affecting particles within the volume itself. Any particles outside of the volume, will not be affected by the target.

Once the curve volume is enabled, you can edit its attributes which are described below.

Curve Volume Resolution

Curve volumes can be edited by modifying key volume points along the curve. The number of these points is determined by the Curve Volume Resolution. The minimum resolution for a curve is 2 (one at each end of the curve).

Curve Radius Scale

The entire curve’s volume can be scaled up or down using this property. Fine tuning of the volume can be undertaken by modifying the curve volume’s key volume points.

Volume Influence

This attribute defines how the volume should influence particles inside it. There are 2 modes; Full and Linear Falloff.


When using this mode, all particles within the volume will be fully affected by the target, regardless how near to the centre or edge of the volume they are

Linear Falloff

When using this mode, particles will be affected more by this target the nearer to the centre of the volume they are. The falloff is calculated linearly so that they receive 100% influence at the centre and 0% at the edges.


Enabling this property will turn this curve target into a curve container. This is a special mode which will alter the behaviour of the target so that particles will be contained within its volume. See Curve Containment for more information on this mode.

Minimum Separation Urge

Used alongside the Containment attribute above, this property controls the minimum Boid Separation Urge value that will be used by the container. See Curve Containment for more details on how this attribute is used.

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