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Software Releases

Particle Flocker can be purchased in various release types which are detailed below:

Trial Release

Particle Flocker is available as a trial release which includes all tools, utilities and features. It can be downloaded from the Particle Flocker website here.

Currently the trial version of Particle Flocker limits the number of affected particles to 200. Also there are usage restrictions which you can read about in our legal section

Please note that the trial version is currently only available for Windows.

Full Release

The full release of Particle Flocker includes all available tools, utilities and features of Particle Flocker and has no usage restrictions.

Render-Only Release

The Render-Only release of Particle Flocker is designed specifically to be used with render farms. This release of the plug-in will provide full flocking simulations in exactly the same way as the standard version, but it has none of the user interface or work-flow tools which are available in the full release.

The render-only release uses a floating license system allowing multiple sessions (seats) to be launched simultaneously on different computers from a single license.

Because this software release uses a floating license your hardware will require access to the internet in order to use it. If your render farm has no internet access, the plug-in will fail to load.


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