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Licensing Issues

Node-Locked License Not Accepted

The most common issue encountered when using a Node-Locked license is that the MAC address provided during the purchase was not the correct one.

// Error: No valid license was detected. See script editor for details //

You can find your MAC address by following the steps on our Finding Your MAC Address page. Please pay careful attention to the part which states that Particle Flocker always uses the first MAC address it finds, even if it is not currently activated.

If you find that you have provided an incorrect MAC address please Contact Support and we will be happy to update your license to use the correct MAC address for you.

Floating License Not Validated

There are normally 2 reasons why a floating license will not work; either you have no internet connection or your license has expired.

// Error: Unable to connect to license server. Please check your internet connection or contact support on info@techtoast.co.uk if the problem persists //

It is always worth first ascertaining if you can access the internet normally (i.e. via a browser for example). If that is working, it would also be prudent to make sure you can access our web server by visiting www.particleflocker.com. In the rare case that the server is down, the site is likely to be down too. If you do find the site is down we recommend waiting a few minutes before trying again as it may be that the servers needed to be rebooted.

If you are seeing the following error message it is possible that your license has expired:

// Error: Validation failed: License could not be validated //

You can verify if your license has expired by logging into your Particle Flocker account page and looking at the License Expiry field. If this field shows License Expired!! then you will need to renew your license to continue using Particle Flocker.

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