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Dynamic Modifier Attributes

Modifiers allow you to add several attributes that are used to control which properties of the simulation they will affect. These are known as dynamic modifier attributes and can be seen at the bottom of a modifier rollout.

All attributes can be animated or expression driven to create more interesting flocking simulations.

The modifier attributes which can be added dynamically mirror the standard Particle Flocker Attributes. By adding dynamic modifier attributes, you are telling the modifier to override those properties of the simulation for particles within the modifier’s volume.

The way that attributes are applied is controlled by a few factors; the Modifier Volume, its Weight attribute, the Volume Influence and the Modifier Method.

Adding Dynamic Modifier Attributes

Adding dynamic modifier attributes is very simple. You just need to click on the Add Modifier Attribute button and choose the attribute you want to override from the popup menu.

Once added the dynamic attribute will be displayed in the rollout section and will allow you to edit its value.

Removing Dynamic Modifier Attributes

To delete a dynamic modifier attribute simply click on the trash-can icon next to the attribute you want to delete. Once deleted the modifier will no longer affect that attribute on particles within its volume.

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