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Modifier Volume

Modifiers make use of a volume which is used to determine which particles should be influenced by the modifier and by how much.

The settings for a modifier’s volume can be seen in the static modifier attributes section of a modifier rollout.

Only particles within the volume will be affected by that modifier. Any particles outside the volume will not be aware of the modifier’s existence and will use the standard flocking system attributes.

Volume Attributes

Volume Type

Modifiers can use any of the standard volume types defined for Particle Flocker entities. You can read more about the standard volume types in the Volume Types section.


The dimensions shown will change depending on the volume type selected, for example a sphere will only show a Radius dimension whereas a box will show a Width, Height and Depth dimension. See Volume Types for more details.

Volume Influence

This attribute defines how the volume should influence particles inside it. There are 2 modes; Full and Linear Falloff.


When using this mode, all particles within the volume will receive 100% influence from the modifier, regardless how near to the centre or edge of the volume they are.

Linear Falloff

When using this mode, particles will be affected more by this modifier the nearer to the centre of the volume they are. The falloff is calculated linearly so that they receive 100% influence at the centre and 0% at the edges as shown in the image below:

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