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ParticleFlocker Node

The ParticleFlocker node is the primary node in the Particle Flocker system. It controls the flocking behaviour of all particles attached to it and links together all other system components, attributes and nodes to create the final simulation.

The ParticleFlocker node is actually an extension of a standard Maya field node. You can read more information about fields and how they work in the Autodesk Maya help docs here: http://help.autodesk.com/view/MAYAUL/2017/ENU//?guid=GUID-85AEE528-4477-46DF-8B9E-2E8AEC3C8784.

By extending the standard field system, Particle Flocker is able to harness the power of Maya’s dynamics system and also allows it to integrate seamlessly with any other dynamics systems inside of Maya.

The ParticleFlocker node exposes a number of attributes which can be edited either via the Attribute Editor, Channels Box or by using the Particle Flocker User Interface. Although any of these editors are fine to use, we would recommend using the Particle Flocker UI as it will generally provide more feedback and context sensitive assistance.


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