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Targets are the most important entity type in the Particle Flocker system. They provide particles with a movement goal in the form of a Steering Behaviour. Without a target in the system, particles would still honour the standard flocking behaviour rules, but would not have any other external influences on them.


A target can be one of two types; a position target or a curve target. See the Target Types section to find out more about each type and how to use them.

Multiple Targets

There is no limit to the number of targets which can be added to a Particle Flocker node. All targets apply an influence to the system and all of those influences are combined to produce a final output steering force.

You can control the blending of a target’s influence in the system by editing its Weight attribute. You can read more about target attributes in the Target Attributes section.


Targets have the option of using a volume to control which particles are affected by the target. Particles within the volume will be affected and particles outside the volume will not. You can also control how the influence is affected by a particle’s position within a volume. See Target Volume for more details.


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